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Program helps Bears complete bachelor’s degree
“This degree is opening doors. I literally wouldn’t have my job without it.” — Dennis Wiggins, ’16, business services team lead, Missouri Career Center Photo by 120 Studios

Program helps Bears complete bachelor’s degree

Do you know someone who wants to complete a bachelor’s degree? We have a program that may help!

Sometimes, students leave college before finishing a degree. Their reasons vary, but the outcome is the same: They have credits, but no diploma.

In 2015, Missouri State started the Bachelor of General Studies. This program is ideal for anyone who has at least 75 college credits and would like to complete a bachelor’s degree for career growth, personal fulfillment, a firm foundation to pursue a graduate degree — or any reason!

The program is flexible and dynamic, because we know these students have unique personal goals and interests. Instead of choosing a major, they complete online, evening or day courses in a few departments of their choice. Students are connected to specialized academic advisors, who guide them through options.

If you know a former Bear or anyone else with college credits who wants to finish a degree, this may be a great option.

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  1. don keller

    I am definitely interested. I am an older candidate.