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Inspiration, innovation, imagination, inquiry, impact: research at Missouri State

Inspiration, innovation, imagination, inquiry, impact: research at Missouri State

Faculty, students and staff who collect data, conduct surveys, create art, compose work, categorize species, communicate theories and engage in all other scholarly activities at Missouri State not only envision new ideas, they bring them to life. This university contributes to the global knowledge base, helps people in our community and beyond, and uses our energy and efforts to dream of, then create, a brighter future.

Written by Kevin Agee, Lucie Amberg, Nicki Donnelson, Trysta Herzog, Andrea Mostyn, Michelle Rose, Tina Stillwell, Shay Stowell, Emily Yeap


Illustration by Aimee Pong, ’13, designer at Studio Mercury in New York City

Respected academics raise our profile

We want alumni to see and be proud of the academic rigor at Missouri State and know we are raising the profile of the university. Unique, interesting and ground-breaking scholarship at MSU is taking on many forms, in many settings. Instructors and students might be found in a high-tech lab, in cities across the globe or in the field (literally). We are dedicated to offering these hands-on, high-impact learning experiences that are crucial to student success.

  • 500+ research projects are presented by MSU students each academic year
  • Missouri State University has 800+ full-time faculty members
  • Almost 90% of ranked faculty have the highest degrees in their fields
  • In 2015, MSU faculty produced: 198 journal articles, 29 books, 42 chapter books, 99 creative works


  1. Martin Capages, Jr. PhD PE

    Will there be an article on the new Cooperative Engineering Program with MS&T? An excellent program that should have some exposure. Thank you.