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President’s Message

President’s Message

Attention #CitizenBears: We’re launching a new brand

What makes Missouri State better, different and special?

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a graduate or friend of Missouri State University, so you know about our commitment to creating positive change in the world, our friendly atmosphere and our dedication to academic excellence.

Now, it’s time to let others know who we are.

As we grow in national prominence and prestige, we want people to form a great impression of the university.

MSU has unique accomplishments to share, points of pride to convey and guiding principles that set us apart.

When it’s time to tell people about Missouri State, the words and the design we use, and the stories we highlight, can help us express our points clearly and authentically.

This is where our “brand” comes into play.

So what is a brand? It’s more than a logo or a tagline. It’s the look, feel and messaging that helps build the way people think about the university.

Our brand resonates far beyond campus. It affects prospective students, current students, staff and faculty, alumni, the community, industry partners and people in government.”

Online Exclusive

We’re putting our public affairs mission up front

In 2012, Missouri State University began to seriously study our brand using market research, and we considered what we wanted for the future.

In summer 2015, we engaged Ologie, a national branding and marketing agency with experience in higher education, to assist us in developing an updated strategy.

Ologie’s final creative concept was presented this spring following reviews by key stakeholder groups across campus.

The foundation of the new brand is our public affairs mission, which makes a Missouri State education like no other and helps the university, as well as our graduates, stand out in the crowded field of higher education.

It includes a new action-oriented tagline: “Make your MISSOURI STATEment.”

I’m excited about the new branding. It was introduced to the campus this summer, and you’ll begin to see it used more publicly through the next year or two.

A refreshed brand is great news — here’s why

Why is a new brand important?

We have experienced consistent, exciting growth since we became Missouri State University in 2005. We want to make sure people who aren’t familiar with us are able to pick up on the positive environment of campus, and we want to share the powerful stories of Bears — including you, as alumni — who are living our mission.

It’s a time of innovation and invigoration at Missouri State, and this transition reflects it.

Since you, as alumni and friends, helped put us on this upward trajectory, we hope you will be unofficial “brand ambassadors” who share with others why it’s a great time to “make your MISSOURI STATEment.”

As always, your thoughts and ideas are welcomed as we move forward.

Clif Smart

Make Your Missouri Statement brand
Our brand includes a fresh color palette, new typefaces, spirited graphic elements and more, which gives our campus, websites and printed materials a comprehensive look and feel.
Citizen Bears
Profiles of Missouri State students now “show the citizen within” by highlighting these Bears’ contributions to the public affairs mission.