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Global Bears

Global Bears

The world is shrinking. The Internet, more access to international travel and an increasingly global economy have driven home the point that we are not alone — what happens in one place is likely to have an effect on another. Missouri State’s presence is continuously expanding beyond our state and national borders, including a branch campus in Dalian, China, because we know looking forward means looking at the world as a whole.

Here, we celebrate global Bears by sharing stories of former international students as well as U.S.-born
graduates who now work around the globe. We also give you some facts showcasing our commitment to
culturally competent students and graduates.

See you in Springfield, São Paulo, South Africa, Shanghai, Sweden, Sydney — or wherever the world takes you!

International alumni

Do Won Hanh
John Akwar
Gonzalo Vargas
Fen Fu

U. S. citizens abroad

Justine Otte
Brad Patton