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Meet the Fan of the Year

Meet the Fan of the Year

After a search that began in the fall, Missouri State revealed its third-ever student Fan of the Year in February. He is spirited, dedicated and rambunctious — and he will be for years to come, since he is only a freshman! Meet Cameron “Cam” Deckett.

Who is Cam, the super-fan?

Deckett, an athletic training major, was an athlete and a super-fan in high school at Omaha Christian Academy in Nebraska, cheering in small crowds at girls’ games. “I had a full-body spandex suit, a mask and a cape, of course.”

Once Deckett knew he was attending Missouri State, he started watching Bears games and was thrilled by what he saw: “I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.”

Deckett made a quick transition into being a super-fan for the Bears.

This freshman super-fan is known for “instilling opposing players with fear and despair”

“Being a fan is Cam’s craft, and he was always developing and honing that skill,” said Matthaus Klute, Maroon Madness president. “It was a daily grind for Cam, and he paid for it in blood, sweat and tears — literally! He had to get stitches from dunking on a door-mounted mini-hoop.”

What is his super-fan style?

Deckett wears a headband, aviators and a cape at every game.

“With his cape and Justin Bieber cut-out, Cam was like a pop star — who crosses over and sings for a death-metal band,” said Klute. “His voice would resonate in a crowded arena, instilling opposing players with fear and despair.”

For Deckett, dressing up is a way to support his school and have fun with his friends. “I like to have my own persona in the Cave (MSU’s student section),” he said.

His favorite Bears sports moment

The Football Bears were playing South Dakota at home last fall and were down 14 points with four minutes and 30 seconds to go. The student section was dwindling away, but Deckett was resolute. “I stayed and cheered no matter how many people were in the stands.”

Suddenly the Bears picked up momentum. “They scored on a long pass, then recovered a fumble, scored on another long pass, then stopped South Dakota on defense, ran back a punt into field goal range and then kicked the field goal to win the game as time expired. … There were about 10 of us in the student section, and I was just going crazy with all of them, jumping around and hugging people I didn’t even know. Then the team came over and sang us the fight song. That is my favorite Bears sports moment.”

His favorite Bears team

Another reason Deckett is the Fan of the Year: He loves them all. “I have been to so many different events that I can’t choose just one. Picking just one would be unfair because in the end they are all a part of the University I love.”