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Dr. Robin Amonker

Dr. Robin Amonker

DR. ROBIN AMONKER joined the Missouri State University faculty in 1968 as an assistant professor of sociology. During his 41 years at Missouri State, he influenced thousands of students through his teaching and his participation in the Missouri-London Program. Amonker expanded his international experiences by participating in scholar exchange programs in India, New Zealand, Brazil and Switzerland. His service included roles on University, college and departmental committees too numerous to name. As advisor to the Association of International Students, he worked diligently to develop more opportunities for international students. Amonker also used his academic interests to benefit Missouri State and the local community, frequently partnering with other faculty in research projects, acting as a mentor to new scholars and serving community organizations.

Tell us about your career path.

Mine is a family of teachers; therefore, I always knew I wanted to teach. My father was a founding father of New Goa High School in Goa, India. I always enjoyed learning and liked the campus atmosphere. Most of all, I wanted to influence young people and emphasize that being educated opens doors to many opportunities.

I came to the United States in 1964, and started at Missouri State after receiving master’s degrees from Texas Christian University. I subsequently earned a doctorate from St. Louis University.

My areas of expertise included demography, human ecology and quantitative methods.

Although I retired as a professor emeritus in 2008, I still teach at Missouri State and Ozarks Technical Community College to keep me mentally active.

What do you love about Missouri State?

It is a great teaching institution, the campus is beautiful and the community is friendly. I strongly believe in and support the public affairs mission.

What is the one thing you most want to impart to your students?

Teaching has given me opportunities to inform students about the value and importance of good education and career opportunities. I stressed the importance of setting priorities, managing time, valuing diversity, having a positive attitude, taking responsibility and being a good citizen.

“Dr. Amonker was my advisor — he made me think critically. He made sociology come alive, and the world made more sense because of his teaching.
He energized my academic experience.”

— Alumnus Brent Dunn, ’85 and ’91; now vice president for University advancement

You have participated in numerous research endeavors. Talk about the impact of some of your research and how it applies to the community.

I have authored or co-authored 20 refereed publications, as well as given more than 40 paper presentations at professional meetings. I have authored numerous contract and grant reports in the area of demography for the citizens of Missouri. My demographic articles and population reports on population change in Missouri and the Ozarks were used extensively in Jefferson City and throughout the state.

I have provided census data and vital statistics information to public agencies and contributed several articles to professional organizations. My project “Social and Economic Profiles of Missouri Regions” received wide publicity throughout the state.

I was a member of the Springfield Area Planning Forum, City Utilities of Springfield and a member of the Population Projections Committee, State Office of Administration, Jefferson City.

What do you do in your leisure time?

I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement, going to the Nature Center and the YMCA. The Indian population here has increased significantly, and we have frequent gatherings. We visit our daughters (Bhairavi Kinder and Amit Lee) and have great family time with our grandchildren.

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